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"Is there really an afterlife?"

When my mother became seriously ill in 1987, I sat on my back doorstep night after night and asked the universe that question.

I doubted anyone was listening, yet strangely, my life began to change.

Books and people mysteriously found their way to me, events occurred that I later recognized as paranormal, even though I initially dismissed them as such.

Over the next 24 years, as I continued to search for evidence, my skeptical mind was regularly challenged.

Slowly - and only at a pace I was ready for - the answers came!

Make a new friend!
I love this book!!! Sandy tells her NDE story with so much love and so many personal details, I feel I've known her for years! Make a new friend and read this book! ( Lynn , Amazon US)

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A joy of a book
I was a bit sceptical when I approached this book but as the author's evidence progressed I gradually came over to the idea of life after death. Sandy writes remarkedly well and shares her thought processes as she researches all the evidence. It is a very good read on many levels. (Amazon UK)

Informative and enjoyable book
A close up look at one womans journey....thank you for sharing and for all the many references to other authors who studied near death experiences and metaphysics before most people even heard of it! (Amazon US)

Personal, heartfelt and informative.
This book is a double: a very personal story and a truly informative gateway to the litterature regarding NDE. I was touched and had tears streaming from my eyes as Sandys story paralleled my own in terms of personal aspects. And it was a feast following this ladys journey (which has been at roughly the same time and age as my own) through the informations that surfaced during that time. Apparently we have many of the same books on our shelves, and i certainly have a "want to read" list that has grown dramatically. Sandy has done her homework and a thorough research. I recommend her book, for the personal and heartfelt story of her life as well as for the valid and solid information any researcher in NDE's would love to gain access to. ( Lars Christensen, Sweden)

Great book.
Gives facts and evidence. I highly recommend
( Jan, Amazon US)

A must read
A professor once told me that if I wanted to be an expert in anything I would have to study and research one subject for 5+ years. Sandy Coghlan can now stand tall in a group of impressive experts on the subject of Near- Death Science having giving 500%. But Heaven Knows is not a dull text book! YEAH! What she has done is to give us an intimate look inside her struggles through life, the fear of death and the loss of loved ones while weaving the NDE stories and the scientific facts into her narrative. As a reader I could watch the woman mature as she researched NDEs while major changes then redirected her life. She has written not just a scholarly book that any one in search of NDE studies and stories would eat up but she has done it wonderfully sharing her thought process, her heart and—yes—her soul! As you read you can taste the love that went into writing this book. Excellent work and a must read. I’m a 1969 NDEer and I found it very informative while being fascinatingly honest and personal. Thank you Sandy. ( T.J.Owen, author of 'Time to Believe' )

Very sincere and compelling story.
( P.E. Minick, Amazon US)

Wonderful, touching book by an excellent author.

Really awesome book. I happened upon it after reading T.J. Owen's NDE book and was so HAPPY to find this one. Ms. Coghlan's search regarding the "afterlife" doesn't just take you down the path of NDE stats, etc. and the like, but her findings are beautifully interwoven in the experiences she has with her loved ones, most especially her dear Mom. (And I must add that Sandy is an amazing daughter to her Mom. Sooooo inspiring to read about their beautiful relationship.) Very touching, awesome book that I know I will read again and again. This is really a very beautiful book. I really felt that I was on a journey with the author as she not only came to terms with the eventuality of experiencing her loved ones leaving the Earth Realm, but I learned so much about NDEs in the process. Very touching, awesome book that I know I will read again and again and again. (Amazon US)

Very convincing
The book was well researched. I loved the books she used so I can read them too. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in NDEs. ( Cynthia, Amazon US)

Beautifully written, insightful and truly inspiring
This is a beautifully written,insightful and truly inspiring book on a subject that has mystified people since the beginning of time. Not only was I touched by Sandy's personal journey, I was also given great comfort by the many stories (and the common threads that tied them together) Sandy shared from her thorough research on the subject. This is a book I will be reading again and again and recommending to anyone who has an elderly or terminally ill loved one or simply wants an insight into what happens when we die. ( Jenny B, Amazon Australia)

Very good read
Thank you for the book. My Momma died recently, and the book validated many of my feelings and observations. Thank you. (Amazon US)

Email comments
  • For a book so full of facts, it is such an easy read. I am half way through it. Thank you Sandy for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I am learning so much--and it's not just head knowledge, it's heart knowledge as well.

  • I was engaged from the first line to the last. It was "reader friendly" and in my opinion well substantiated.